Easily market your auction items and make it simple for your bidders.

Manage Auction Items & Auction Page

Start adding the items to your auction as you receive them.  You’ll be able to add images, descriptions, values, bid increments as well as track who solicited and who donated the item. Once your items are entered, you can customize an auction page to display and auction the items.

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Show Off your Auction Items
  • Create items with descriptions, values and ID numbers
  • Display multiple images for an item
  • Track the solicitor and the donor of the item
  • Set minimum bid amounts as well as bid increments
  • Print bid sheets with several formats to choose from
  • Customize an auction page to display and auction items on your website

Register Bidders

Each auction can be run differently, but the most important part is providing a good experience for your bidders. AssociationSphere allows you to take payments as bidders register to attend, store their credit card information on their record and issue them tickets that include their assigned bidder number.

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Have bidder information at your fingertips.
  • Create online pages to purchase tickets to attend
  • Customize the starting bidder ID
  • Issue tickets to bidders that contain their bidder ID number
  • Store bidder credit card information for easier check out
  • Automatically update their contact record with their auction history
  • Allow bidders to bid on items while the auction is open

Conduct your Auction & Process Winning Bids

After you have created your auction page you can begin allowing bidders to bid on items. Once your auction is over you can process all of the winning bids. Right from our auction dashboard, you’ll be able to run bidder’s credit cards and process all auction item purchases. The transaction is recorded on their profile, and a thank-you email will automatically be sent– it couldn’t be easier!

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Utilize Bid Sheets, Online Bidding and Mobile Bidding
  • Run your auction in several different ways through silent, online or mobile auctions.
  • Run a silent auction using bid sheets
  • Accept online bids
  • Allow bidders to text bids
  • Notify your bidders via text when they are out bid
  • Give bidders the ability to see their full bid history
Process the winners and thank them
  • Give bidders the ability to make as many bids on as many items while the auction is live
  • Allow bidders to purchase items outright
  • Easily find items to process payments
  • Search for winner by bidder ID or name
  • Processing winning bids using the bidder’s stored credit cards
  • Accept cash, check or credit card payments
  • Automatically pull stored credit card information for winners
  • Include additional donations when processing winning bids
  • Track total number of bids on each item
  • Issue automated thank you emails to winners
  • Automatically record items won on winning bidder’s record