One source leads to greater visibility to higher-quality information.

Manage Profile Information

You need to track the details of your members, clients, volunteers, donors, committee & board members, and countless others. Chances are, different people are responsible for different constituents and sometimes keeping everyone up to date can be difficult. From addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, employment information and so much more, we help you to keep it organized and easily accessible.

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Know your Constituents
  • Create unlimited constituent profile records
  • Include a constituent profile picture on each record
  • Notify users of important information regarding the constituent in a scrolling tickler field
  • Add constituents to a company to keep track of professional relationships
  • Place constituents in user-defined categories
  • Include the constituents’ employer and their title for full relationship reporting
  • Use full name, nickname, maiden name, reporting name, formal salutation or informal salutation or customized communication
  • Easily add constituents to email lists to be used with email marketing
  • Track companies by industry for robust reporting
  • Export all constituent data directly to Excel
  • Flexible search & filtering across constituents

Understand Constituent Relationships

Knowing the relationships between your constituents can make all the difference in your fundraising efforts. Being able to create and show connections between individuals and companies to better illustrate primary contacts and employees. Or showing introductions of new Constituents that may be interested in your cause by another. By having one place to see the relationships between your constituents, you can easily identify where to place more emphasis on your fundraising efforts.

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See Who Knows Who
  • Build robust relationships between constituents
  • Create automatic relationships between Employer & Employees
  • Quickly establish user-defined relationships types
  • Categorize relationships between family, business or any other description
  • Hyperlink directly to related profiles
  • Easily see who you know that works at a certain company

Maintain Communication

Constituents like to know that you’re thinking of them and that you appreciate them. But, sometimes, it is hard to find the time to keep them updated. We simplify things with our integrated tools, so that finding the time is much easier. Quickly see your last interaction with a person, ask for their feedback with a survey or send a personalized email. We place all the tools you need at your fingertips.

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Staying in Touch has Never Been Easier
  • Maintain multiple addresses, phones & emails for each constituent
  • Store constituents’ social network pages, including their website, blog, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts
  • Personalize your communications using constituent profile details
  • Send Newsletters/Campaigns via integrated Email Marketing
  • Request feedback using online Surveys and Polls
  • Create email lists based on specific profile or gift data
  • Click on an email address to send an individual email
  • Easily add a button on your website for constituents to join your email lists
  • Allow constituents to view previous email campaigns with a Campaign Archive on your website
  • Track phone calls, emails, events or any other type of interaction with your constituents
  • Create and assign follow up tasks to others at your organization
  • View a list of your open follow up tasks
  • Ability to save mail merge letters as documents to constituent records

Store Documentation

If you’re tired of looking through file cabinets, desks, or online files, we have the solution for you! We make it easy to attach, categorize, store and access unlimited documents to any constituent record. Quickly find the document that you need to provide to the bank, to your accountant or to anyone else that needs the details.

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Easily find Supporting Documents
  • Attach unlimited documents to constituent records
  • Add tags to each document for easy searching
  • Categorize documents with user-defined categories
  • Create hyperlinks to documents stored online
  • Export lists to Excel that contain hyperlinks to the documents stored