Tracking donations accurately and efficiently is imperative for any non-profit.

Gift Types & Details

Donations come in many forms – cash, checks, stock, or products – and are to be used in many different ways – capital campaigns, events, equipment, or marketing. To add to the complexity, the donor may want to donate in memory of a loved one, keep their donation anonymous or share the recognition with multiple people. We make it easy to add the details and report them accurately.

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Tracking Gift Details
  • Create general, in-kind or stock donations
  • Distinguish between cash & check payments
  • Classify each gift with user-defined funds, events & appeals
  • Apply gifts to a particular family or household
  • Assign a different name for gift reporting and recognition
  • Split gifts across different funds, events & appeals
  • Classify tribute gifts that are in memory of, in honor of, or in name of
  • Attribute soft credits for gifts made by more than one constituent
  • Track matching gift constituents and percentages
  • Tag gifts that are anonymous
  • Distinguish the tax deductible amount of the gift from the total gift amount
  • Identify gifts as pending in case they are not finalized
  • Look up the current stock price on Google Finance for stock donations
  • Add multiple gifts at once by batching the gifts together

Tracking Pledges over Time

Details can easily be lost when you manage pledges over multiple years. We give you the tools to create unlimited pledge schedules, assign specific amounts to particular uses, and keep track of the payments. All of the details are stored in one place, so you don’t have to worry about lost information.

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Manage Pledge Schedules and Payments
  • Complete pledge payment tracking, including payment dates and remaining balances
  • Calculate pledge schedules on number of years or payment amounts
  • Select from multiple payment frequencies
  • Adjust specific due dates and/or amounts for unique payment schedules
  • Classify each pledge with user-defined funds, events & appeals
  • Attribute pledges to a particular family or household
  • Assign a different name for reporting and recognition
  • Split pledges across different funds, events & appeals
  • Classify tribute pledges that are in memory of, in honor of, or in name of
  • Track matching pledge constituents and percentages
  • Attribute soft credits for pledges made by more than one constituent
  • Designate pledge overpayments as an additional gift or towards the next payment due
  • Identify pledges as pending in case the required documentation has not been received

Maintain Communication

It’s important to show donors that you appreciate them. We’ll let you know whenever someone donates online and automatically sent them an acknowledgement email. We’ll even capture the donation in your CRM and fundraising records. With our integrated email marketing tools, it couldn’t be easier to create a custom email list and send a personalized email. You can also ask your donors how you’re doing by sending a donor satisfaction survey. Keep your donors happy by keeping them involved.

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Showing Appreciation has Never Been Easier
  • Donations captured online are automatically recorded in CRM and Fundraising
  • Send personalized email acknowledgements using profile and/or donation data
  • Receive internal notification emails for each online donation received
  • Send automatic custom acknowledgement emails to online donors
  • Instantly create email lists of constituents based on gift or pledge data
  • Send acknowledgement emails through integrated email marketing
  • Click on an email address to send an individual email
  • View who opened their email or clicked on any links in the email
  • Include a donor satisfaction survey in your gift acknowledgement

Analyze & Report on your Donations

Knowing where your donations come from is only the first step. We make it easy to filter and group your donations by any criteria – families, solicitors, relationships, time and much more. By simply clicking a button, you can instantly have your entire donation history, or a particular segment of gifts, in Excel so that you can produce any report you need.

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Flexible Reporting at your Fingertips
  • Export gift and pledge information across all donors
  • Excel based flexible reporting options
  • Store gift and pledge documentation on the constituent record
  • Analyze donations over time by relationship type
  • Search & Filter gifts by gift details or constituent categories
  • View gifts by family or household
  • Group donations by solicitor

Donate Now Button

Why not make it easy for your constituents to make a donation? We give you all the tools to create a customized, easy-to-use Donate Now button. Then you can include it everywhere that your donors are – your emails, your surveys, your website, your social media sites or anywhere else!

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Include a Donate Now Button
  • Ability to create a fully customizable “Donate Now” button – change the text, color, font or size
  • Add a “Donate Now” button to your website
  • Publish a “Donate Now” button on your social media pages
  • Include a “Donate Now” button in your email communications

Donation Information Page

Donors like simple forms when making donations. You like getting the data that you need on the donation. We help you come together by giving you the tool to make a customized page that captures enough information and is easy for the donor to use.

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Capture Donation Information
  • Customize your donation page with colors, fonts, your logo, error messages and much more
  • Apply professional, pre-designed themes to your donation page
  • Allow donors to make one-time or reocurring donations
  • Add custom fields to donation page to capture specific information about the donation
  • Allow donors to join your email lists directly from the donation page