Get all your data into QuickBooks and eliminate tedious, manual data entry.

Map your Specific Quickbooks Items, Accounts and Classes

Allowing for a flexible, customizable mapping means that you can direct all transactions directly into your Quickbooks account without duplicating efforts with data entry.

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Mirror your Quickbooks Setup
  • Use your bank accounts or undeposited funds account
  • Create unlimited items, accounts and classes
  • Map transaction types differently to recognize donations differently from events and memberships
  • Allow pledges to create invoices or only record the actual receipts

AssociationSphere QuickBooks Online and Desktop Integration

There’s no need to change your Quickbooks. Whether you use the desktop version or the onine version, you can easily export your data into either one.

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Export Transactions Seamlessly to Quickbooks
  • Review and verify before transactions are exported
  • Transactions can be exported individually or summarized into one, daily journal entry
  • Export amounts, tax deductible amounts, deposit dates, check numbers and other details
  • Match customer records in Quickbooks