Learn more about your customers with the power of our online survey tool.

Build Question List

To get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. Whether you have just a few questions or want to send a thorough questionnaire, our easy-to-use survey builder lets you create an online survey that people will want to take. Use one of our survey templates or create your own from scratch.

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What you ask is up to you
  • Include different question types, including star ratings, check boxes, scale ratings, text areas, and contact information
  • Ensure responses to questions by making certain answers mandatory
  • Utilize skip logic so respondents only answer the questions that are relevant to them
  • Provide users with the option to add comments to their responses
  • Ask respondents to upload required documents
  • Gather signatures on the form
  • Give respondents the option to answer anonymously
  • Change the order of questions with our easy-to-use question and answer setup

Customize Survey

Never built an online survey or a poll before? That’s not a problem! You can select a template from our library and customize it to fit your needs, or create your own from start to finish. Either way, include your logo, your social media icons, your color scheme, and your own welcome and thank-you messages.

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Every setting is customizable
  • Select a survey or poll from our library to customize, or create your own
  • Create custom volunteer or other applications with review process
  • Attach customizable tags to each survey to easily categorize them
  • Allow respondents to answer anonymously or to take the survey multiple times
  • Customize each survey with different welcome messages, start buttons and thank you messages
  • Enhance your survey by selecting from our color palettes
  • Adjust the look & feel of your questions and answers
  • Receive notifications when a respondent takes your survey
  • Automatically end your survey or poll on a specific date or after it has reached a maximum number of responses
  • Use professionally designed themes or create your own by choosing from multiple font and color options

Distribute Your Survey

Before you distribute your survey, poll, or quiz, test it to make sure it’s as easy for respondents to take as it was for you to build. When you’re ready, send the survey to as many people as you’d like, post it to your social media sites, and watch the responses start coming in.

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Survey distribution options
  • Preview your survey prior to distributing it to see exactly how it will appear to your respondents
  • Quickly check the status of your survey from an easy-to-read dashboard
  • Send your survey immediately or schedule a time for it to be sent
  • Distribute your survey via email
  • Distribute your survey online with a URL or embed code
  • Automatically send reminders to people who have not yet taken the survey

Analyze Your Survey Results

Start making sense of your survey results as soon as they start coming in. You’ll be able to track respondents’ progress from the time they receive the email announcing the survey to the time they complete it. Create your own charts and graphs to analyze each and every response and trend.

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Make sense of survey results
  • Check your email delivery statistics, including who opened the survey, which ones bounced, or who unsubscribed
  • View up-to-the-minute survey results as respondents complete the survey
  • Comprehensive survey results allow you to analyze the success of your survey
  • Identify critical points within your survey where respondents abandon it before completion
  • Export complete survey results to .CSV files for statistical analysis
  • Drill down into survey results for targeted lists of respondents