Recruit, evaluate, track, engage and communicate with your volunteers to build a long term relationships.

Manage and Review Volunteer Applications

Recruiting dependable volunteers is vital for most organizations.  Making it easy for people to apply right from your website makes a good first impression.  Applications are automatically assigned to reviewers who can then review and approve or deny them for an easy process, start to end.

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Design fully customizable volunteer applications
  • Set up volunteer questions and answers
  • Allow volunteers to upload documents and sign the volunteer application
  • Publish the volunteer application on your website or distribute a link via email or text messages
  • Allow the applicant to save the information and come back later
  • Automatically assign the volunteer application to a reviewer

Volunteer Sign Up and Registration

Scheduling volunteers doesn’t need to be difficult.  Create opportunities and shifts that can be posted on your website so that volunteers can register for times that work with their schedules.  View registrations and open shifts on a calendar for easy viewing so you can determine what still needs to be filled.  By using the seamless communication options, reach out to volunteers via text or email to see who may be available.

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Manage volunteer registrations and automate online registrations
  • Allow for one-time volunteer opportunity sign-ups
  • Volunteers can sign up for multiple opportunities in one registration
  • Add custom fields on the volunteer registration form to capture additional information, such as t-shirt size
  • Notify volunteer and volunteer coordinator(s) after a successful sign up via email and text messages
  • Generate QR codes for attendance and time tracking

Time Tracking & Communication

Tracking volunteer time is as important as tracking financial gifts so that you can recognize a constituent’s full contribution to the organization.  Being able to easily identify dedicated volunteers allows you to recognize their commitment and show your appreciation.  Letters, texts and emails can be generated and sent right away to maintain a great relationship with everyone who helps out.

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    Capture volunteer attendance/time tracking and seamlessly communicate with your volunteers
  • Track volunteer hours by scanning the QR code or from mobile app
  • Run time tracking reports by various criteria including date ranges, categories and locations
  • Combine volunteer time with financial contributions for a complete view of each constituent
  • Communicate with your volunteers via email or text messages
  • Centralize volunteer interactions and documents